Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility

Project Overview

Shire of Mundaring is committed to revitalising the Mundaring town centre through the creation of a new civic and cultural heart (Cultural Precinct). A key component of this commitment is the rationalisation of a range of civic and community facilities into a proposed new Multi-Purpose Community Facility (MPCF). The facility will house the replacement Albert Facey Memorial Library as well as a range of other community services.

While planning and design the MPCF and Cultural Precinct, the Shire is engagingclosely with the local community to understand their aspirations and vision for the town centre.

Whilst construction of the proposed MPCF is not anticipated to commence until 2027, a multi-year planning process is already underway.

Project Summary and Overview of Current Project Status - Stage 2 (August 2022)

The project is in the early phase of Stage 2. This stage will be undertaken over a 3 year period and will encompass detailed planning and design, underpinned and informed by extensive community and stakeholder engagement. This stage will also see business case development, operational modelling, concept designs, land assembly works, cost estimates and attainment of funding.

MEDIA RELEASE 21 July 2021 - Revitalisation of Mundaring Town Centre another step closer

Shire of Mundaring Council considered a draft ‘Property Strategy and Land Assembly Plan’ for the proposed Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility project at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 20 July.

This project is a key component of the revitalisation of the Mundaring Town Centre into a vibrant and contemporary space.

The proposed Multipurpose Community Facility will co-locate the majority of existing community facilities and services.

This will include the library, dedicated cultural and art spaces and large multi-function spaces for the benefit of organisations and the local community.

Shire President, John Daw, said actions in forthcoming stages were presented to Council for consideration.

“Council carefully considered the recommended measures, specific actions and details within the Plan,” he said.

“Over the three hours Councillors were able to voice their opinions and ask questions.”

“We resolved to note the Preferred Delivery Model, Relocation Management Plan and the Road-Map for the project. This will enable the Shire to progress to the next planning stage of this multi-year project. “

The Preferred Delivery Model will see the new Multipurpose Community Facility located in the precinct between Craig, Nichol, Jacoby Streets and Mundaring Weir Road. Nichol Street will be enhanced as a main street, with convenient and well-designed short and long-term parking provided in the precinct.

Activated street frontages and vibrant public spaces, contemporary design of new buildings, mixed use buildings, and a new civic and cultural heart of Mundaring are also proposed.

“This is a major, long-term project with many stages. We are in the early stages,” Cr Daw added.

The Shire will commence planning and design work; seek State and Federal government funding; commence preparation for land acquisition and disposal as required; begin financial modelling; and develop a business case.

“Council is looking forward to evaluating the business case in due course.”

“A vital component will be ongoing community and stakeholder engagement, particularly liaising with the community about the look and feel,” Cr Daw said.

“This is consistent with the recommendations within the Project Road-Map.”

Property Strategy and Land Assembly Plan - June 2021

  • Starting the conversation

    October 2019

  • Current and future needs survey

    October/November 2019

  • Community ideas workshop

    21st November 2019

  • Community feedback session (replaced with May 2020 Newsletter due to COVID-19)

    May 2020

  • Mundaring Multi-Purpose Community Facility - Stage 1 Consultation Report

    July 2020

  • Community Facility Needs Analysis and Land Assembly Options and Constraints Report

    September 2020

  • MPCF Property Strategy and Land Assembly Plan

    Mid 2021

    Once completed, this plan will deatil the; why, when and how' prioritised approach to; retaining, aquiring, disposing and/or redeveloping land within the Mundaring Town Centre. 

  • Stage 2 - Planning, Design and Community Engagement

    2022 - 2025

    Stage 2 will involve the following:

    1. Ongoing community and stakeholder engagement
    2. Formulation of business cases
    3. Early planning and design work
    4. Operational modelling
    5. Commencement of land assembly and rationalisation works
    6. Securing required funding
  • Stage 3 - Detailed design

    2026 - 2027

  • Stage 4 - Construction and fit-out

    2027 - 2029

  • Stage 5 - Launch of new facility


The Mundaring Town Centre is the Shire of Mundaring’s civic, commercial and community hub.  Its wide-reaching population catchment and hills location makes it a unique activity centre relative to others on the Swan Coastal Plain. 

The Albert Facey Memorial Library is located in the town centre and is scheduled for replacement from 2022/23.  Community consultation and preliminary planning and reporting is required to facilitate long-term financial and other planning for a proposed new Multi-purpose Community Facility (including a replacement of the Library) in the Mundaring town centre.   The proposed Multi-purpose Community Facility could include:

a) the replacement for the Albert Facey Memorial Library

b) other Shire services as determined by Council

c) relocated or other community facilities as determined by Council

d) provision for service delivery by not-for-profit groups or state or Commonwealth agencies as determined by Council

In 2017 Shire of Mundaring adopted the Mundaring Town Initiative Masterplan (the Masterplan), which sets out Council’s commitment to revitalise and renew the Mundaring town centre, the Shire’s civic, commercial and community hub.