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Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility

Project Overview

The Shire of Mundaring is reimagining its town centre and in order to do so, has engaged closely with the local community to gauge the aspirations and requirements as to what this may ‘look and feel like’.

The community has voiced the desired goal to restore the Mundaring town centre to the active community hub it once was, and this feedback has been captured in a comprehensive Stage 1 Consultation Report (refer to document library) and summarised in the May 2020 Newsletter.

Key to this project is the development of a multipurpose community facility which is likely to include a new state of the art library, with other services and activities co-located within the centre.

Mundaring Multi-Purpose Community Facility Newsletter - May 2020

Shire of Mundaring has been working closely with key local business, industry and community representatives in order to provide an effective response to the level of impact from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst this response has been a major focus for Council and Shire staff, other important projects and proposals are still being given consideration for advancement wherever possible to do so. One such project is the Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility.

  • Starting the conversation

    October 2019

  • Current and future needs survey

    October/November 2019

  • Community ideas workshop

    21st November 2019

  • Community briefing on community needs analysis and options

    February 2020

  • Community feedback session (replaced with May 2020 Newsletter due to COVID-19)

    May 2020

  • Mundaring Multi-Purpose Community Facility - Stage 1 Consultation Report

    July 2020

  • Land Assembly Options and Constraints Report

    Delayed due to COVID-19. Estimated timeline October 2020

  • Council decision on preferred option for Multi-Purpose Community Facility

    Due to COVID-19 date TBA

The Mundaring Town Centre is the Shire of Mundaring’s civic, commercial and community hub.  Its wide-reaching population catchment and hills location makes it a unique activity centre relative to others on the Swan Coastal Plain. 

The Albert Facey Memorial Library is located in the town centre and is scheduled for replacement from 2022/23.  Community consultation and preliminary planning and reporting is required to facilitate long-term financial and other planning for a proposed new Multi-purpose Community Facility (including a replacement of the Library) in the Mundaring town centre.   The proposed Multi-purpose Community Facility could include:

a) the replacement for the Albert Facey Memorial Library

b) other Shire services as determined by Council

c) relocated or other community facilities as determined by Council

d) provision for service delivery by not-for-profit groups or state or Commonwealth agencies as determined by Council

In 2017 Shire of Mundaring adopted the Mundaring Town Initiative Masterplan (the Masterplan), which sets out Council’s commitment to revitalise and renew the Mundaring town centre, the Shire’s civic, commercial and community hub.