Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility

Project Overview

Shire of Mundaring is committed to revitalising the Mundaring Town Centre through the creation of a new civic and cultural heart (Cultural Precinct). A key component of this commitment is the rationalisation of a range of civic and community facilities into a proposed new Multi-Purpose Community Facility (MPCF). The facility will house the replacement Albert Facey Memorial Library as well as a range of other community services.

While planning and designing the MPCF and Cultural Precinct, the Shire is engaging closely with the local community to understand their aspirations and vision for the Mundaring Town Centre.

Whilst construction of the proposed MPCF is not anticipated to commence until 2027, a multi-year planning process is already underway.

Council endorses Engagement Strategy for MPCF

Council endorsed the proposed Engagement Strategy for Stage 2 of the MPCF at its Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 14 February 2023.

  • Stage 1 - Preliminary Planning (complete)

    2019 - 2021

    1. Initial community and stakeholder consultation (surveys and workshops) - 2019-2020
    2. Facility needs analysis report - 2020
    3. Council adopt a 'Hub-Plus' concept for delivering a Multi-Purpose Community Facility and endorse a decision making criteria for determining the uses and services to be accommodated within the MPCF - September 2020
    4. Council note recommended actions listed within the MPCF Property Strategy and Land Assembly Plan - July 2021
  • Stage 2 - Planning, Design and Community Engagement

    2022 - 2025

    Stage 2 will involve the following:

    1. Ongoing community and stakeholder engagement
    2. Determing the uses and services to be accomodated within the proposed Multi-Purpose Community Facility and the arrangement of standalone uses and services within the Mundaring Town Centre - 2023 
    3. Development of a Masterplan for the Cultural Precinct - 2023
    4. Development of a Concept Design for the Multi-Purpose Community Facility - 2023-2024
    5. Operational modelling for existing and proposed facilities - 2024
    6. Commencement of land assembly and rationalisation works - 2024
    7. Securing required funding - 2024-2025
    8. Formulation of business cases - 2024-2025
  • Stage 3 - Detailed design

    2026 - 2027

  • Stage 4 - Construction and fit-out

    2027 - 2029

  • Stage 5 - Launch of new facility


Project Rationale

Shire of Mundaring has a strong vision and commitment to revitalise the Mundaring Town Centre and create a new ‘civic and cultural heart’ through construction of a new Multi-purpose Community Facility (MPCF).

This vision has been articulated in earlier endorsed key documents such as the Mundaring Town Initiative Masterplan, March 2017 and the Mundaring Activity Centre Plan, October 2018.

The Multi-Purpose Community Facility (MPCF) can be considered as a key piece of built social infrastructure that can further enable social and economic development and play a key role in the activation and revitalisation of the Mundaring Town Centre. The MPCF would replace ageing facilities that are outdated, underutilised and inefficient and become a key focal point for the local community, business and visitors alike.

Works undertaken to date (Stage 1)

During Stage 1, a consultant was engaged by the Shire to assist with the project development and community and stakeholder engagement, with the following reports produced and presented to Council:

  • Stage 1 Consultation Report (March 2020)
  • Community Facility Needs Analysis and Land Assembly Options and Constraints (September 2020)
  • Multi-Purpose Community Facility - Property Strategy and Land Assembly Plan (June 2021)

Key decisions

September 2020:

  • Council endorsed a conceptual Hub-Plus model for delivery of the proposed Multi-Purpose Community Facility. The Hub-Plus model proposes to co-locate the majority of community facilities and services, while retaining productive use (or re-purposing) of nearby facilities; and
  • Council adopted a decision making framework (refer 'Gallery' on sidebar) for determining the uses and services to be accommodated in and delivered from the proposed Multi-Purpose Community Facility.

Next step

The next step is to develop three Concept Sketch options for the Multi-Purpose Community Facility and a Masterplan for the Cultural Precinct. 

In developing these, the Shire will be engaging closely with the community and key stakeholders, in order to ensure both the facility and wider precinct meet their needs and aspirations.

By September 2023, Council will consider the three options and adopt a preferred concept to progress the project, based on community feedback and the already adopted decision making criteria.

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