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Project Overview

Volunteering helps build stronger communities by providing people with an opportunity to become involved.

Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.

Volunteering is a reciprocal relationship. The individual and the community benefit from the efforts of volunteers. Their invaluable contribution of work skills, life experience and continued support make a significant difference in many sectors of the community. Without the commitment of volunteers, many local organisations, events and services would cease to function.

In 2021, 18.4% of Shire residents reported doing some form of voluntary work. The total number of volunteers in the Shire is 6018 (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Get your green thumbs ready!

Are you interested in being involved in a community garden? The Glen Forrest Community Garden is looking for a new volunteer committee!

Member Recruitment Training

This session will help groups consider practical activities which can be undertaken to maintain current membership and grow a wider network to engage potential future members.

Join the Conversation

What is the biggest challenge your community group/sporting club is currently facing and how can we support you?

Published On
 Mon, 13 Jan 2020
  • We asked this question back in January, and it has become perhaps event more important to get your feedback now! How can we support community groups/sporting clubs overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19?

    Tracey Peacock
    Commented on:
     Mon, 18 May 2020
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