Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility

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  • Draft Property Strategy and Land Assembly Plan to be considered at Special Council Meeting

    Shire of Mundaring will hold a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 20 July to consider the draft ‘Property Strategy and Land Assembly Plan’ for the proposed Mundaring Multi-purpose Community Facility project.

    The Plan, which contains a series of recommended measures and actions on how best to implement the community facility project, includes three key components:

    1. Preferred Delivery Model (essentially the why, when and how);
    2. Relocation Management Plan (recommended as a staged approach across four phases); and
    3. Road Map for the next identifiable stages (a timeline for implementation and further recommendations).

    Shire of Mundaring Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Throssell, said the Plan was derived from an audit of the existing facilities within the Mundaring Town Centre.

    “This Plan will assist the Shire towards revitalisation of the Mundaring Town Centre into a vibrant and contemporary town centre,” he said.

    The proposed Multipurpose Community Facility will co-locate the majority of existing community facilities and services, including the library, dedicated cultural and art spaces and large multi-function spaces for the benefit of organisations and the local community.

    Mr Throssell said the vision for the Plan was to work towards creating a thriving village lifestyle with a strong town centre.

    “The preferred delivery model would see Nichol Street as an enhanced new main street, with convenient and well-designed short and long-term parking, activated street frontages and vibrant public spaces, contemporary design of new buildings, mixed use buildings, and a new civic and cultural heart of Mundaring,” he said.

    “An area that would create town centre activation would enhance cultural development and a sense of place.”

    Mr Throssell said an audit of the functionality, standard and capacity of existing community facilities and services within the Mundaring Town Centre, including their suitability for co-location, was completed by consultants engaged by the Shire last year.

    ”The audit found that many of the facilities within the Mundaring Town Centre lacked the capacity, form, amenity and efficiencies required of a contemporary district-level facility,” he said.

    Gaps in providing facilities and services for young people; spaces and facilities that enable informal social interaction; and office space for co-working, service providers and volunteer groups were also identified as key issues.

    If the Plan is adopted, the Shire will move to the next stage of the project. Proposed actions will include preparing business cases, operational modelling, planning and design and securing funding as recommended within the Plan.

    Agenda - Special Council meeting Tuesday, 20 July 2021