MUNDARING 2030 - the future is ours

What the community Said

  • What the community loves

    Over a series of 11 workshops the community were asked what they loved about living in the Shire. The word clouds highlight the most commmon theme.

  • Their vision for the next ten years

    Over the course of the eleven workshops the community were asked to describe in words how they see the shire looking over the next ten years. The words clouds describe their feedback.

  • What we will be known for

    During the eleven workshops the community were asked to consider what they wanted the Shire to be known for to visitors to the community over the next ten years. Individual thoughts have been captured in the word clouds.

  • Priorities over the four years

    During the eleven workshops the community were asked what their priorities over the next four years were. The top five were;

    Environmental management

    Bushfire brigades and fire prevention

    Youth services

    Community engagement (grants, events, activities) and;

    Waste Management


  • Willing to pay more for

    58% of participants said they would be willing to pay more for....

    Environmental management

    Waste management

    Bushfire brigades and fire prevention and;


  • Willing to forego

    43% said they were willing to forego the following services....

    Street lighting

    Roads, footpaths, drainage and public works

    Waste management and;

    Town planning and statutory building services

  • Age distribution of participants

    Community members were invited to contribute via a number of channels including community workshops (open invitation and targeted groups) and online surveys.