MUNDARING 2030 - the future is ours


A. The Strategic Community Plan is the guiding document for the Shire of Mundaring. It contains the community’s vision and priorities, and sets the strategies it will follow. 

A. The implementation plan is contained in the Corporate Business Plan. This is a more detailed document that translates the Strategic Community Plan into specific actions, projects, and service standards. The Corporate Business Plan drives the Council’s Annual Budget.

A. The Strategic Community Plan is reviewed every four years to keep it up to date and relevant. This is a requirement for all local governments in Western Australia.

A. While the Strategic Community Plan is reviewed every four years, it always looks ahead ten years. This is to make sure the Shire is considering the longer term future in the decisions it is making in the short and medium term. This is essentially important given the life cycle of the asset base (roads, parks, libraries, etc).

A. The Strategic Community Plan is particularly focused on the assets and services provided by the Shire, and how the Shire and community works together to realise the community’s vision. Land use planning is addressed through the Local Planning Strategy. The community’s vision is common to both. It is also important that the implications of any anticipated development are considered in planning for services and infrastructure.

A. Your feedback will be added to what other community members are saying. It will all be reported back to the Council in time for their decisions on the Strategic Community Plan. The Council is committed to listening to the community. There are often difficult decisions involved, so feedback from the community makes a big difference to help the Council understand the community’s priorities.   

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