Morgan John Morgan Masterplan

Project Overview

Information Update

The surveys undertaken by the GFRRA correlated well with the Shire’s own survey. Amongst many ideas presented was the provision for activities for young people aged 12 years and above. As a result of this community feedback, a proposal for a pump track has been included into the masterplan for Morgan John Morgan Reserve. Given the cost associated with the development of a pump track, it was determined that this was not able to be included in the current scope of works. The Shire has listed the pump track for construction at a cost of $150,000 in the 2022/23 financial year in its draft 10 year capital works programs (Council to endorse these budget plans on 6 July 2021). The Shire will prepare concept plans of a pump track and would then consult with young people (planned for August 2021) and gain their input during. The Shire has agreed to assist the GFRRA to lobby for funding for this project which would be in addition to the current $75,000 Shire component in the draft ten year capital works program.

Also proposed during consultation was a basketball half court to be located at Morgan John Morgan Reserve. The only possible location near the BBQ had to also enable DFES to park their emergency communications vehicle upon it. However, following additional discussions with nearby residents it was subsequently determined this location would generate significant noise concerns to adjoining residents. Given this, and the site constraints within Morgan John Morgan, other sites were investigated, with Burkinshaw Park (Glen Forrest oval) near the tennis courts being determined to be the most suitable location. The basketball half court is proposed to be built together with a shelter for the tennis club (to also overlook the oval) and connecting footpaths. This work is planned to be undertaken before the end of 2021 and would follow the upgrade of the roadway and parking on Marnie Road in the sporting precinct, to commence during the second half of 2021.

In preparation for works, the Shire had killed off the grass at the originally proposed basketball half court location, so rather than reinstate the grass a proposal of keeping a pad in place to enable games such as 4 square and hopscotch is now included in the works. This is a low cost item, noting to stop these works, and reinstate grass, would not see any cost savings.

The works to be implemented as part of the current funding includes;

·Grassing and reticulation at the western end of the reserve

·Pine log fencing with black cyclone mesh fencing along the boundary of Railway Parade and the play area of MJM to stop children entering the car parking/ roadway area

·Connecting pathwork from the shops (via an accessible ramp) to the new grassed area and onto the playground area

·Two shelters at the western end of the reserve

·Additional seating throughout the Reserve

·Small history boards at prominent historical points (details of plinths and wording to be finalised with Mundaring Historical Society and GFRRA)

·Additional accessible play element (yet to be decided, further discussion required with GFRRA)

·Water fountain with dog bowl

Gravel track between community garden and car park

Additional tree and vegetation planting and several seats in the bush areas (with assistance of Reserve friends group co-ordinator)

·Timber based jumping logs (under review for possible inclusion, pending further discussion with GFRRA)

· Concrete slab for DFES communications vehicle co-used with small game activities

Future planned works;

·Installation of basketball half court at Burkinshaw Park

·Design concepts developed for a pump track to be located within MJM (space allocation determined) with consultation with youth to commence around August 2021.

·Installation of pump track at MJM subject to securing additional external funding to match Shire funding allocated in the draft 10 year capital works program.

  • Online engagement

    22 September 2020 - 18 December 2020

  • Review feedback

    18 December 2020 - 21 May 2021

  • Advise outcome of feedback

    May/June 2021

  • Commence works

    15 February 2021

  • Complete works

    30 November 2021