Community Leases Policy Review

Project Overview

The Shire of Mundaring is committed to ensure a fair and equitable process for community groups and organisations to lease Shire owned or managed land and buildings.

We reviewed our Community Leases Policy and collected feedback on draft policy documents.

The online survey was opened for public submissions from 28th August to 6 September 2023.

Project Aim

The Shire is seeking feedback on its draft Community Leases Policy.


By reviewing this policy, the Shire is aiming to ensure fairness and equity between community lease or licence holders when providing access to Shire owned properties and facilities for the benefit of the local community. We recognise the value community groups provide to our Shire and seek to understand whether the reviewed draft Community Leases Policy will meet community expectations.


Following the close of submission period, your feedback will be reviewed and presented to Council, who will decide on the final Community Leases policy.

  • Public Submission period

    21 August to 6 September 2023

    Participants were invited to consider the appropriateness and provide comments on the Shire's draft Community Leases policy and associated documents .

  • Public submissions review

    Following the closing of community consultation period, a report was presented to the Governance Committee to enable consideration of all submissions received.

    The Governance Committee recommendations to the draft Community Leases policy were noted in a report  presented to Council.

  • Consideration of Governance Committee report by Council

    The Governance Committee recommendations were presented to Council on 14 November 2023 and Community Leases policy 2.13 was adopted. 

    Final policy document is available on our website Community Leases Policy 2.13 

  • Policy implementation

    The Shire Property Management Officer will provide further information to all current Mundaring Shire's leases and licenses holders.


The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.