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There are lots of ways to engage with the Shire of Mundaring including attending consultation events, council meetings, submitting comments and through the Shire website. However, sometimes this can be time-consuming and not convenient for everyone. Engage Mundaring gives everyone the chance to have their say at a time and place to suit them and utilises online consultation tools to make it easy to contribute. 

In addition to the Engage Mundaring website, the Shire continues to engage with the community in other means such as newspaper articles and advertising, community meetings, email newsletters and events. Once registered, you will receive emails to keep you up to date with all new projects and all the ways you can engage with the Shire of Mundaring.

If you or anyone you know would like assistance with registering or using Engage Mundaring, please contact us and join us at one of our regular training events at the Hub or your local library. 

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