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2019 Green Spot Survey

Project Overview

What is the purpose of the Green Spot Program?

The Green Spot Program is designed to increase the community’s awareness of wildlife on local roads. Ten wildlife “hot spot” locations will be chosen based on community nominations each year. Two Green Spot road signs will be erected at each location to make motorists aware of the presence of wildlife and to minimise wildlife deaths. The signs are relocated during spring, which is when animals are most active; breeding in spring and searching for water in summer. The signs also include the Wildcare Helpline phone number, in case you come across an injured animal and require assistance.

Photo credit: Simon Cherriman

  • Green Spot Program

    Nominations closed on 27 September 2019.  All suggestions are being considered before the signs are relocated.

    The next Green Spot Program survey will take place in spring 2020.